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This Is the Line to Get London’s First Cronuts

After apparently baking 1,000 test versions to perfect them in London’s humidity, Dominique Ansel gave Brits their first proper Cronuts this morning at 8 a.m. As expected, residents of the pastry-mad country started queuing up at 5 a.m., but by the time doors officially opened, the line had swelled to roughly 200 people, all hoping to try out the extremely English flavor (salted butterscotch and cocoa nib) of Cronut:

While still obviously insane, the line is actually much shorter than the ones that regularly formed in New York during the height of original Cronut Mania. Ansel nevertheless went down the line high-fiving the patient crowd, and even snapped what he’s calling an #Anselfie (trademark’s probably pending on that one):

Here’s the Line to Get London’s First Cronuts