Entenmann’s Warns Brownies and Muffins Shipped to 34 States Pose a ‘Cutting Hazard’

Lay off these guys. Photo: Entenmann’s

Dedicated Entenmann’s Little Bites fans may want to switch to Danishes or Pop ’Ems for a while. Parent company Bimbo Bakeries says a mishap at one of the Brooklyn-built bakery’s contract manufacturers in Illinois caused plastic to get cooked into four types of brownies and muffins. The pieces present a “choking and/or cutting hazard” that has injured at least one person, so a nationwide recall has been issued for the products. They include 5-packs of Little Bites Fudge Brownies (with a best-by date of October 8, 2016), 5- and 10-packs of Little Bites Chocolate Chip Muffins (best-by date of October 8, 2016), and 20-count Little Bites variety packs (best-by date of September 24, 2016). The company says they were shipped to 34 states and has posted a chart listing which products were distributed where.

Luckily, Bimbo has grown the 118-year-old company’s merchandise line substantially since taking it over, so people unable to fathom mornings without Little Bites can break down and buy a mouse pad or T-shirt instead.

Entenmann’s Brownies and Muffins Pose a ‘Cutting Hazard’