Donald Trump’s New Hotel Debuts Wine That’s Served by the Spoonful

Donald Trump is a famous teetotaler, but — savvy businessman that he is — that doesn’t prevent him from selling alcohol at his many hotels and resorts, even if the way those resorts sell it is … strange. At the new Trump hotel in Washington, D.C. (“one of the finest hotels anywhere in the world”), the bar has debuted a decadent, possibly never-before-seen service: wine served “by the spoon.”

The Washingtonian sent someone to try a few of these one-ounce pours and render a verdict:

There are four slurpable wines on offer right now, all of which come from “legendary” Hungarian winemaker Royal Tokaji. Prices start at $15 per spoonful, but a Furmint wine, described as “the truest expression of terroir known to man,” can be had for $140 per ounce. The Washingtonian says the presentation involves a silver tray and a server who dons white gloves. Subtle.

Trump’s Newest Hotel Serves Wine by the Spoonful