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Entire State of Louisiana Loses Its Collective Mind Over ‘Healthy’ Gumbo Recipe

Sensing an opportunity to show that they can be just as angry about their classic dishes as Italians, Louisianians experienced a collective meltdown after a recipe video for “healthy” gumbo went viral. Posted by a Disney internet account, the offending video was perhaps meant to corrupt innocent youth as it attributed the recipe to Princess Tiana of the popular New Orleans–set The Princess and the Frog — giving it a veneer of legitimacy.

However, there was nothing legit about Disney’s recipe, which not only includes shit like kale and quinoa but also removes an essential ingredient: the roux. This is like publishing a recipe for pizza without a crust. A burger without a bun! Mac and cheese, minus the mac, and with kale added. This horrific act also suggests that there is a very good chance that no one at Disney internet had ever of gumbo before, or watched reruns of Emeril Live. The internet backlash was so severe — inspiring a flurry of local press and a Twitter hashtag, #gumbostrong — that Disney actually took the video down. The world is tough, but sometimes you win, and when you do it’s important to relish the victory.

Louisiana Sacrilegious ‘Healthy’ Gumbo Recipe