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Colorado’s Pot Candies Get a Scary-Looking Symbol to Prevent ‘Accidental’ Ingestion

Great if your packaging theme is Breaking Bad. Photo: Courtesy of Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division

Colorado’s edibles-makers have been trying to convince the state’s lawmakers that their products are self-evidently full of weed since it became legal. But as of tomorrow, it will be really clear. On October 1, all pot candy will require a “universal symbol” to cut down on people’s tendency to confuse Hershey’s bars with, say, Kushie Kandy. Producers must put this stamp not just on packages, but also on the candies and edibles themselves.

Ideas originally bandied about included a stop-sign shape or green skull and crossbones, but the final version, after more than a year of deliberation, is a diamond with an exclamation point and “THC” inside it:

It’s pretty clear! Photo: pfeifsm

The state argues it’s mostly worried about kids, not adults, who might “accidentally” ingest the stuff, though there aren’t too many documented cases of this happening. One recent study from Denver’s main children’s hospital reported 81 cases between 2009 and 2015. It said “poor child supervision or product storage” was a factor in about a third of them.

The new rules, which the AP describes as “exhaustive,” also require childproof zippers or lids on packaging, banning the words candy and candies unless they’re part of the official name, and cluttering wrappers with a litany of product warnings (“Contains Marijuana. Keep out of the reach of children” is the big one, plus instructions to not eat before driving or while pregnant).

The edibles industry, meanwhile, argues that adding the symbol is costly, and that most sentient beings can tell there’s THC in its stuff “just from looking at it,” but nervous lawmakers say it’s about ensuring “people genuinely know the difference between a Duncan Hines brownie and a marijuana brownie” so they can keep it away from kids. Luckily, the law starts just in time: Halloween is in another month, and parents would hate to accidentally give away their expensive edibles instead of Hershey’s kisses.

All of Colorado’s Pot Candy Will Carry This Warning Symbol