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World’s Greatest 102-Year-Old Says Beer Is the Secret to Growing Old

Her special elixir for longevity.

Mildred Bowers has a tip for people angling to reach the advanced age of 103, which is how old she’ll turn later this month: Embrace beer. The South Carolina resident says a four o’clock cold one at her assisted-living facility is a critical part of her “daily routine,” although it took some convincing with the nurses when she threw the idea out there.They said, ‘But you know what? We’ll ask the doctor,’” she tells Live 5 News, “so immediately he said yes.”

Now nobody can take away Bowers’s daily beer. She’s merely following “doctor’s orders” — and just look at her anyway. Her skin’s still great, and she’s apparently sharp as a tack (“That’s the big thing that a lot of people my age don’t have at my age is a good mind,” she observes). As her friend explains, “Doctor said it was good for her and obviously it is, still kicking.”

World’s Best 102-Year-Old Says Beer Is Secret to Old Age