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Horrible Customers Write ‘We Only Tip Citizens’ on Their Receipt

Seems very conjectural, frankly. Photo: WHSV

A couple ticked at having a Latina server in a Virginia diner wrote a racist zero-dollar tip that is now all over the internet. The duo ate at Jess’ Lunch in Harrisonburg on Monday and left server Sadie Elledge a note on their $26.11 bill that read “We only tip citizens.” Clearly not referring to President Wilson’s “citizens of the world” idea, their remark was confusing for Elledge, who’s actually American. She tells the local news she knew something was up the moment this couple sat down. “They wouldn’t talk to me,” she says. “They would just nod their heads.”

At the end of their meal, security-camera footage shows the woman casually signing their receipt, then leaving:

Owner Angeliki Floros isn’t keen on having them back, explaining that they’re banned until they apologize. “‘Coward’ is the word to describe what they did. I have worse words to use,” she adds. “But let’s go with ‘coward.’”

Horrible Customers Tell Server ‘We Only Tip Citizens’