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Semitruck Spills Hundreds of Live Chickens on Doorstep of KFC

Crates of live chickens fell out of a moving semitruck on Tuesday and, by some cruelly ironic fate, landed literally in front of a KFC in Melbourne, Australia. More amazingly, there was a vegan woman passing by at that exact moment with her cell phone, so footage of this unfortunate mishap has been submitted to the internet for posterity:

The accident happened sometime in the afternoon. Most of the escapees, easily numbering more than a hundred, can be seen just clucking around in a semi-confused state, but sadly the crash wasn’t that kind to all of them. The video shows crates holding what appear to be groups of dead birds, and a crowd had to carefully flip over one cage that landed sideways with all the chickens still inside.

Observers couldn’t help but quip that the surviving fowl — which lost tons of feathers in the mishap — would probably end up at KFC anyways. “People were joking about it, saying KFC won’t have to pluck their chickens at least now,” Jess Carter, who shot the video, told the Age. Police showed up to, in their words, help “rehabilitate the scene,” and Carter said she wondered at first if the mess wasn’t some crazy PETA-esque stunt, until she convinced herself “there’s just no way that any animal group would do that,” ultimately filing it away as “just one of those terrible coincidences.”

Semitruck Spills Live Chickens on Doorstep of KFC