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Texas Waiter Fires Actual Gun During Fight at Cowboy-Themed Steakhouse

Standard garb at Little Red Barn. Photo: Little Red Barn Steakhouse/Facebook

A server at a San Antonio restaurant where staff carry fake guns in holsters demonstrated why this getup maybe isn’t the best idea when he fired a very real gun to scare off an angry customer. It doesn’t look like police have released anybody’s name yet, but a witness to the event tells KENS 5 that things got “unusually” heated at Little Red Barn Steakhouse after the staff member messed up a table’s order. Naturally, one of the customers decided this was grounds for a fight, and that person started “beating on the waiter” and eventually stuck him in a headlock.

Probably because he was already in a sheriff’s getup, the server decided to administer his own justice. The witness says he broke free of the headlock, scurried off, immediately returned with a real gun he’d brought for perhaps an occasion exactly like this, then “cocked it back, went up in the air, and shot.”

At this point, somebody was filming the mess:

Three blasts into the ceiling was uncommon even for a Little Red Barn lunch hour, so the rest of the steakhouse’s patrons freaked out. “There was old ladies on the floor, one in the back actually crying,” KENS 5’s witness said. The server and customer each fled the scene. San Antonio police say both men ought to expect some charges.

Texas Waiter Fires Gun During Fight at Cowboy Steakhouse