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Brooklyn Restaurant Tempts Fate by Returning Autographed Trump Photo to Wall

This dining area has been made great again.

Like Rick Astley or the candidate’s comb-over, apparently nothing can keep Schnitzel Haus’s photo of Donald Trump down. The signed picture that irked customers last week after hanging, prominently but without incident, for almost a decade on the Bay Ridge German restaurant’s wall has been returned to its home by the owners. After facing a backlash, mostly thanks to a Yelp review that compared it to “having a picture of Hitler,” Amber and Fred Urban took the autographed head shot down in a huff.

But, sticking with the Astley theme here, the critics didn’t want to let this one go, either. After getting sucked into phone arguments with random callers from as far away as Texas, things started looking fairly lose-lose, so they just said “screw it” and put the shot back up. Amber explains the way they see it now is, “At the end of the day, it’s our restaurant, and it’s our right and privilege to have it up. It’s not up to others what we can and can’t do.”

But the day after they rehung the picture, someone quietly added devil horns onto Trump’s face with lipstick. “It’s a picture on the wall for God’s sake,” Amber complains to Brooklyn Paper. “Don’t people have more important things to do?”

Restaurant Tempts Fate by Rehanging Signed Trump Photo