Incredibly Picky Boy Exclusively Ate Canned Sausage and Beans for 11 Years

Nothin’ but baked beans.

There are extreme diets, and then there’s living on nothing but canned food in a decent-size English city. For most of the 11 years that Tyler Hives has been on this planet, he has flat-out refused to eat anything but canned beans and sausage. His mother, Lindsey Hives, says that he “didn’t like the sensation of chewing or swallowing,” essential aspects of the food-consuming process, and that she’d beg him to try new foods, to no avail.

Doctors told Lindsey that her son was just a (ridiculously) fussy eater and would eventually eat something else, like canned rice pudding. But, in reality, he suffered from selective-eating disorder. Getting nowhere in the medical community, Lindsey took Tyler to a hypnotherapist, who, through several treatments, managed to get the son to eat something resembling a normal diet. Lindsey and Tyler haven’t gone on the record about his new diet, but maybe he can give advice to that guy who has eaten nothing but pizza for over a quarter-century.

Picky Boy Only Ate Canned Sausage and Beans for 11 Years