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End of Days: Nabisco Unveils Swedish Fish Oreos

Looks like Oreo busted out blindfolds and played Pin the Flavor on the Random Food Product again. The winner this time, though, is nobody:

The Impulsive Buy found the “limited-edition” package at Kroger, which means it’s already out in the wild. If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s that Americans’ love of food gimmicks has created a monster. Just think: To stay relevant, Burger King must now remake the Whopper into arguably worse-tasting variants like a hot dog and a burrito. KFC’s Double Down becomes the Fire Double Down Maxx, a Zinger Double Down that adds a meat patty, and then eventually also a hot dog. Pizza Hut’s crust even becomes a hot dog, which is “exciting” but not fresh or healthy, fast food’s two buzzwords. This list of embarrassments goes on, but these Oreos are the ultimate spectacle — so insane that nobody’s sure anymore if flavors like Spam and fried chicken are a hoax, or totally for real. Swedish Fish Oreos, regrettably, are 100 percent the latter.

Nabisco Unveils Swedish Fish Oreos