Restaurant Creates 100-Pound Hamburger Just to Troll Its Customers

Massively oversize portions are one of the most storied and competitive categories within the stunt-foods universe. The Italians in particular excel in this arena, casually creating mile-long pizzas and 10,000-pound bowls of spaghetti while sipping on spritzes. But Maine restaurant Dirigo Public House has put the whole world on notice with a 100-pound hamburger created with the noble cause of making fun of its customers.

Served this past Saturday at the restaurant’s first anniversary, the burger consists of a 70-pound patty, plus 30 pounds of lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and one giant bun. One of the restaurant’s co-owners, Ben Grant, says they were inspired by customers’ requests to “go bigger,” which he says he felt was “inappropriate” due to things like people not having enough money for normal food. Which makes sense, because these record-breaking foods are mostly notable for being a huge waste of resources. So, in response, Grant’s staff went way over the top, and will now donate some of the proceeds from the burger to the Good Shepherd Food Bank. Which, if anything, makes this monster burger seem like something of a noble cause.

Restaurant Creates 100-Pound Burger to Troll Its Customers