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Budweiser Truck Showers Brooklyn Expressway in America-Branded Beer

Talk about a party foul: A Budweiser truck flipped over on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway at 4:50 a.m. Monday, unfurling its stash of America-branded beer. The cans spilled out onto both the overpass and the streets below, likely causing them to smell even more like a frat the morning after a spring weekend rager than they usually do. Police say the driver didn’t appear to be injured, but rush-hour traffic was backed up for miles. As yet, there have been no reports of opportunistic Brooklynites swarming the scene. Any who did, though, were likely disappointed upon discovering that the beers were not Shiner, Narragansett, or even PBR.

Overturned Budweiser Truck Showers BQE in Beer