Prominent Food Blogger Says Burger King Stole Mac N’ Cheetos Idea From Him

Deep-fried doppelgängers.

You might think only the minds at Burger King are deranged enough to foist a Cheetos-mac-and-cheese food chimera on America, but this unfairly minimizes the culinary atrocities of Vulgar Chef. As chance would have it, the popular blogger (real name: Kyle Marcoux) may have had exactly this awful idea back in the fall: At the end of September, he posted a new recipe for a very Mac N’ Cheetos–y thing he called “Cheetos Crusted Mac n’ Cheese Fries.” It involved a mere six ingredients (frozen mac and cheese, eggs, spices, flour, crushed Cheetos, plus “oil to fry with you fucking idiots”), and people today who catch the end of the YouTube video could be forgiven for thinking they’d stumbled onto Burger King’s newest ad:

Burger King’s remarkably similar item debuted nine months later, which is rather suspicious timing — very shortly after the Vulgar Chef’s version, but long enough for BK to have thoroughly R&D’d a version that could be scaled for national release, if it proved popular.

It’s not the first time Marcoux’s recipes have been blatantly aped — in July, the concessionaire at Wrigley Field released a dead ringer for a Chicago hot dog/deep-dish pizza he invented the month before. He tells Foodbeast that this is starting to get old, and if “fast-food bitches” want help creating “new exotic menu items,” they should “drop me a fucking email,” not “skim through my blog and try to sneak one over on me.”

It’s not clear what, if anything, Marcoux plans to do. But he admits there’s already something deeply satisfying about knowing America’s second-largest burger chain is pirating a “drunk, illiterate food blogger who is basically an Internet food troll. Kind of sad if you ask me.”

Blogger Says Burger King Stole Mac N’ Cheetos From Him