Woman Claims Restaurant’s ‘Urinating’ Toy Sexually Assaulted Her

Don’t be fooled by that innocent look.

Police in Nashville say a customer eating at a local Japanese restaurant called to report a sexual assault Tuesday night after being squirted with a “peeing” water toy. The plastic figure, which shoots a stream of water from between its legs when its little toy pants are pulled down (see below), is one of the props the hibachi chefs at Wasabi use when cooking, and Isabelle Lassiter told police the chef sprayed her in the face with it — a claim the restaurant doesn’t dispute, adding that’s part of the normal show for diners, more or less.

Lassiter wasn’t entertained, however, and she and her husband argue the incident amounted to a “sexual-style assault.” “It peed on me, basically. Out of its wee-wee area,” she explains, adding: “He really didn’t have a wiener, but you got the point.”

Here’s footage of the toy doing its thing (NewsChannel 5 reporter Jason Lamb went there):

Husband James tells NewsChannel 5 he was also mortified watching as the figure “shot water out of its penis.” For complete context, he adds it was “in front of our minor children and grandchildren,” although police apparently conducted a thorough anatomical examination and write that they “observed the toy to have no penis and just a hole for the water to shoot out.”

Wasabi’s manager has apologized to the Lassiters, who are contemplating pressing charges, but says the toy’s never caused problems before. “Kids like it,” he notes. “They think it’s like a water gun, you know?”

Woman Says ‘Peeing’ Restaurant Toy Sexually Assaulted Her