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Here’s a New Burger With an Actual Shot of Bourbon Stuck in the Middle

“It’s a really traditional American cheeseburger.” Photo: chicken_and_sons/Instagram

Someone has finally seen fit to combine the stunt-burger fad with the over-the-top-drink-garnish trend, and come up with the inevitable. The Bourbon Burgel is, as the name implies, a sesame-seed-bagel bacon burger with a shot of Bulleit nestled on top that has yet more bacon in it. It’s the creation of Adam Spencer, chef and owner of Chicken and Sons in Sydney, Australia.

Diners are limited to two of them, which is probably for the best: All told, the gut-busting sandwich contains American cheese, bourbon-soaked bacon, pickles, jalapeños, a good hunk of Angus beef, and a bourbon barbecue sauce. Beer-battered fries come on the side. At least the bourbon should help with the digestion.

New Burger Includes a Shot of Bourbon Stuck in the Middle