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Taco Bell Will Unleash $1 Cheetos Burritos on Unsuspecting Nation Next Month

Taco Bell’s mad food scientists, who are always at work dreaming up new culinary experiences, have landed on their latest mash-up experiment: the Cheetos Burrito. No doubt incensed by the gall of Burger King’s Mac N’ Cheetos, the chain will introduce the item about halfway through next month in — drum roll — Cincinnati. The company will conduct initial experiments in the city, where the item — which Grub has officially dubbed the Burcheetos — will go for a cool $1.

This isn’t the junk-food-crazed chain’s first foray into Cheetos Town. Its first mash-up was only sold in Canada and seriously half-assed, just some Cheetos sprinkled on a Crunch Wrap, and this isn’t the first time a chain has created a Burcheetos. One Taco John’s, a Wyoming-based competitor, resorted to making a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and chorizo burrito back in 2014.

Taco Bell Will Unleash $1 Cheetos Burritos Next Month