This Restaurant’s All-Emoji Menu Is Exactly As Unhelpful As You’d Think

A restaurant in London has made the perfect menu for people who just cannot wait to see what cryptograms Tom Hanks tackles in the third Da Vinci Code movie:

“I’ll have the … this one.”

Yes, everything is in emoji, and it’s the doing of a spot called the Little Yellow Door, which styles itself as quite technologically au courant. Owner Kamran Dehdashti (who, being 34, is effectively already clueless) said this by way of explanation to the Evening Standard: “We like to embrace technology and we thought this could be a cool way to engage with our audience, get them to WhatsApp what they want to eat, and we bring it to them. Emojis are now really part of everyday conversation.”

Among the things customers can order are salads that feature the Fred Flintstone drumstick, plus even bigger head-scratchers like “[Baguette emoji] [cow face emoji] with [toadstool emoji] [chestnut emoji] [rocket ship emoji].” Even assuming this is a sandwich doesn’t get you terribly far.

Dehdashti says their puzzles run from “easy” to “not-so-easy.” From the customer’s perspective, the restaurant’s signature Yellow Door House Punch sounds like it’d be a breeze. And yet: “The Yellow Door house punch has a yellow heart, a door, a house emoji then the punch.” Buffalo wings with crudités and blue cheese also took “a little bit of working out,” so the mind sort of shudders to think what symbols comprise it. Some additional bad news is the fact that the baguette emoji is part of Unicode Consortium’s latest update that involves the long-awaited dumpling, and it technically hasn’t come out yet.

Restaurant Debuts Very Unhelpful All-Emoji Menu