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NYPD Thinks They’ve Identified the L&B Spumoni Gardens Co-owner’s Killer

Anyone seen this man? Photo: NYPD

Police believe they finally have a lead on the suspect who killed L&B Spumoni Gardens co-owner Lou Barbati at the end of June. Surveillance footage leaked to the Daily News shows a man who fits the suspect’s description (white, in his 30s, wearing a hoodie) pacing suspiciously in front of the Barbatis’ Dyker Heights home on the day of the murder. It’s assumed his motive was robbery — Barbati had about $15,000 on him on the night of the crime, one of only six times per year he’d bring that much money home from the pizzeria.

The video shows the man reentering his car after the murder occurred at about 7 p.m. The NYPD doesn’t know how — or if — the suspect knew Barbati, but the assumption is he had help. “We don’t think he was acting on his own,” a source tells the Daily News. “The thinking is somebody had to know [Barbati] was going to have that money on him that day. Someone knew his schedule.”

L&B Spumoni Gardens Co-owner’s Killer Identified by NYPD