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Is This the World’s Most Obnoxious Restaurant Menu?

Restaurants that get too clever for their own good often foist French on hapless customers (just call the haricots verts green beans already) or maybe even go as far as listing wines by, say, portfolio managers’ first names instead of color. Yet this all-math-equation menu may take the cake as a hostile act:

Hope you brought that old TI-83 graphing calculator from high school.

Instead of listing prices in yuan like normal, this restaurant in Beijing decided to make things more complex: Customers have to painstakingly work through the same trigonometry that proved the bane of their teenage existence, testing their recall of logarithms and the order of operations. Supposedly, there’s fine print noting servers will, if absolutely necessary, help math-challenged tables figure their bill out, but even still, it’s probably safe to assume not even Alan Turning would want to calculate the cosine of pi divided by six to see how much his dumplings or bowl of noodles costs.

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