Simple Math Error on Restaurant Bill Makes International News

Wut. Photo: Leontura/Getty Images

Dinner finished on a pretty high note last week for a man when he bungled paying for his meal at an Indian restaurant in Scotland. How he did this is anyone’s guess, but odds are he either wasn’t watching what he was doing at all, or he has no coordination whatsoever. He insisted he input the total into the credit-card reader himself, then proceeded to screw that up: His bill was for around £100, yet somehow his fingers managed to punch in six additional numbers, bringing the cost of his curry to £1,006,082.04, or about what half a dozen Lamborghinis would’ve set him back.

The owner says he watched as the man nearly suffered a heart attack: “I took the machine and looked at it and I just said, ‘Oh my god, what’s happened, what have you done my friend?’ I looked at the receipt, and then he looked at it and he just said, ‘Oh my…’”

Crazier still, the man had enough money in his account for that transaction to actually go through. They promptly called up the bank and got the money refunded, but the owner no doubt remains painfully aware that his restaurant did technically serve “one of the most expensive meals there has ever been.”

Math Error on Bill Makes International News