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McDonald’s Will Expand Its All-Day Breakfast Menu So You Can Finally Eat Big Macs and McGriddles Simultaneously

The perfect lunch.

You have to hand it to McDonald’s: For as mediocre as most of the chain’s food is, it required a certain kind of genius to invent the McGriddle, which is essentially a savory breakfast sandwich where the bread is replaced by mini, syrup-laced pancakes. You can only imagine what the reaction would have been had Instagram been around when the sandwich was introduced 13 years ago. It has, in many ways, topped the almighty Egg McMuffin as the go-to morning sandwich at the Golden Arches.

But the world can be cruel, and even as McDonald’s rolled out its long-awaited all-day breakfast menu across this great nation of ours, locations weren’t guaranteed to even offer the McGriddle after 10:30 a.m., owing to the supposed complexity of offering both a lunch menu and a breakfast menu simultaneously in McDonald’s apparently not-too-sophisticated kitchens. The sandwiches just couldn’t all be offered. Sure, get a McMuffin, almost certainly. A biscuit sandwich, possibly. A McGriddle: unlikely. Anyone rolling into their local Mickey D’s at three in the afternoon looking for a breakfast sandwich and unaware of the anachronistic rules governing the all-day breakfast menu was really rolling the dice, in other words, with a high potential for disappointment.

No more. Today the chain announced that it fixed whatever issues were previously plaguing its kitchens, and starting in the fall, McDonald’s will offer all three types of breakfast sandwiches, everywhere, all day, forever, into infinity. (A plan they’ve been teasing since January.) Presumably, though, you will still have to ask nicely if you want the staff to replace the middle bun in your Big Mac with one of the little pancake buns from the McGriddle.

McDonald’s Expanding All-Day Breakfast