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Police Close Ohio Restaurant After Cop Finds Glass Shards in Sandwich

A manager says police “regularly patronize” the spot. Photo: Google

Columbus police are investigating a restaurant after a worker allegedly served an on-duty cop a sandwich containing pieces of broken glass. Reports say the officer heard “a crunching sound” as he bit into it, then opened the sandwich up and saw the shards. He started bleeding from the mouth and had to be hospitalized. The restaurant, which is in the city’s King Lincoln district and seems to go by two names (Lincoln Cafe and Zanzibar Brews), has been shut down so an assault squad can conduct interviews with staff.

Columbus PD cautioned people this morning that there’s “no reason” right now to believe the act was intentional:

Regardless, the Yelp vigilantes are already out in full force, leaving helpful one-star reviews (without knowing any of the facts yet) that include comments like, “I ordered a cheeseburger not a glassburger!” Whatever happened, the incident obviously couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Ohio Restaurant Served Cop a Sandwich With Glass Shards