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Blue Wine Could Plague U.S. Liquor Stores As Soon As This Fall

The perfect addition to your next Fourth of July party. Photo: Gik Live

There’s finally a Stateside release date for that radioactive-looking Spanish blue wine nobody wants. Gik — officially styled as Gïk, with a bonus umlaut — is the group behind it, a six-person team “made up of young people without any wine tradition” who “are in their twenties,” “have no previous experience,” and “have no fixed schedules.” This might be reason enough to hope the product stays sequestered over in Europe, the only continent where it’s currently available, but a company rep has warned NBC Chicago its navy vino should be infiltrating U.S. store shelves by October.

It’s being dubbed the “world’s first blue wine” and includes lots of interesting marketing language, like that it represents “the creative rebellion” and an attempt to “break with the past and create our future.” The rebellion part seems factual enough, but it’s not the first (Blanc de Bleu out in California has been making a pastel-blue Chardonnay by adding blueberries for about a decade), and the booze itself is a curious blend of multiple reds and whites turned blue by mixing in “organic” pigments found in grape skins.

Gik already offers a preorder option on the U.S. version of the site — bottles will go for $16 apiece, roughly a $5 markup on the European price. Ouch.

Blue Wine Coming to the U.S. As Soon As This Fall