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Taco Bell Customer Rages So Hard Cops Have to Taser Him 3 Times

Too many Doritos Locos, perhaps. Photo: Columbia County Detention Facility

A Florida man may have met that high bar for worst Taco Bell temper tantrum set two weeks ago when a guy in Milwaukee shot a gun at a location for forgetting sour cream. Lake City police say they were forced to Taser a customer who got furious at employees Sunday morning, threw his breakfast back at them, then tried to fight the officers who arrived on the scene. They ultimately zapped 35-year-old Jonathan Prouty three separate times before subduing him, although by that point he’d wandered off into an adjacent parking lot.

Prouty reportedly got disgruntled after picking up his order, and he reacted by launching the food at workers and verbally threatening them “as well as a juvenile customer.” When officers found him, he was over by another business, still agitated. It sounds like he was really spoiling for a fight, though, because he took a swing at the officers, got Tasered, stood up and charged them once more, got a second Tasering, rose and kicked an officer in the knee, and got Tasered for a third and final time. Prouty’s eventful morning ended with a visit to the hospital, plus charges of criminal mischief and multiple counts of resisting arrest.

Angry Taco Bell Customer Tasered 3 Times by Cops