Twitch Finally Lets People Livestream Themselves Eating

Still better than Guy Fieri.

Twitch, the video-uploading site popular with gamers, launched a new channel this week called Social Eating, which is 100 percent what it sounds like: a place where you can watch other people eat food. Twitch actually introduced its first food content earlier this year, a move it celebrated with 100 consecutive hours of Julia Child, but the new channel goes beyond food-TV reruns.

This new channel, noticed by gaming site Polygon, is more interested in becoming the one-stop shop for webcam owners who’ve always dreamed of filming themselves bingeing like competitive eaters (kind of a one-off of muk-bang, the online broadcasts in Korea that pull in insane viewership). The service is still in its infancy, but content is steadily coming in. There’s VAPING AND EATING CHEETOS,” another guy is doing a “Cereal and Blackjack” channel that could prove useful on an excruciatingly boring Friday night, and right now somebody else has lured about 100 viewers to a channel that’s simply called “Watch me chug and eat stuff!”

Gamespot adds that it took less than 24 hours for a user to eat cat vomit, and that another slipped into an hours-long food coma after having too many nuggets. Unsurprisingly, not all of Twitch’s users are major fans. Reddit’s r/Twitch group has been especially critical, spending the past two days blasting the channel as “just sad” and “the dumbest shit i’ve ever seen.”

[Twitch via Polygon]

You Can Now Livestream Yourself Eating