Awful Customers

Teenage Girls Attack 76-Year-Old McDonald’s Worker Who Asked Them to Be Quiet

Check the face-punching at the door.
Check the face-punching at the door. Photo: Google

That nut job who assaulted a Burger King employee last week over a milkshake has some competition in the “People, WTF?” department. Police say two students at New York’s Food and Finance High School smacked a 76-year-old McDonald’s worker in the face because he told them they were being too noisy and disrupting other customers. The elderly employee wasn’t working at a store out in Peoria, either — it was a location on Broadway near Times Square, not an area generally known as the place to go to enjoy a tranquil meal, so odds are high these two 17-year-old girls were being especially loud if it warranted a finger wag from staff.

As DNAinfo reports, the employee asked them to lower their voices, and instead the teens pushed the 76-year-old, then punched him in the left side of his face. He had to undergo medical treatment but is okay now, the NYPD says. Both girls were arrested. The city this week finally resorted to confining Times Square’s costumed menaces to painted zones — sounds like these two girls need a couple of special boxes of their own.


Girls Attack McDonald’s Worker for Shushing Them