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Robert Irvine Is Apparently Getting a ‘Dr. Phil–esque’ Daytime Talk Show

Here to help.
Here to help. Photo: Sergi Alexander/Getty Images

Robert Irvine is finally ready to apply his vise-grip style of helpful intimidation to people who aren’t failing restaurant owners or his own sous-chefs. The Restaurant: Impossible star is getting what’s described as a “Dr. Phil–esque” talk show, marking a not entirely expected entry into the daytime-television world. Called simply Robert Irvine, it will air on the CW Monday through Friday in that coveted 3 p.m. time slot.

Variety reports that while he’s best known as the crew-cut Food Network guy with a Mr. Universe level of fitness, Irvine has actually been angling “to expand his TV menu with a non-food series for the past several years.” The show will be built around one-on-ones with chef-therapist Irvine. Some pretaped segments will be necessary as well (Irvine can’t do it all — what with traveling 330 days a year and eating every two and a half hours), but viewers are still promised to get an hour of him “dishing up tough-love advice and conflict resolution options” after, of course, “making people understand what they’re doing wrong.” The man at least knows the difference the right décor makes, so hopefully he’s already selected his couch.


Robert Irvine to Host Dr. Phil–Style Show