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Teen Says Dead Bat Fell Out of Her Box of Rice Krispies

It was already dead, which in this case seems to have been for the best: Sehr says she “screamed the house down,” but if the creature had emerged alive, one can imagine the family taking up a Dwight Schrute–level hunt that ended badly for both sides. The unfortunate flip side is the bat had already reached the early stages of decay, although there was still no mistaking the webbed wings, fur, or beady eyes. The family’s members used to eat lots of cereal but say they’ve “been unable to do so after finding the bat.”

Kellogg’s has apologized and offered a voucher for a bat-free box, but as Sehr puts it: “It’s a bit of an insult to be offered another box of cereal when the complaint is about a box of cereal.” For everyone else, it raises questions about whether the Kellogg’s production line is especially cavelike, and if this is what Snap, Crackle, and Pop have been warning about all along with their finger-shushing.

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Teen Finds Dead Bat in Box of Rice Krispies