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So, a Truck Hauling Deli Meat Crashed Into a Truck Full of Bread

Photo: NBC4

Not even the great Anheuser-Busch–Frito-Lay snack collision of March 2016 can compare to the perfect accident the crash gods sent New Jersey this morning on highway I-287, outside of Piscataway:

As pictures make clear, one truck carrying Black Bear cold cuts ran into another truck carrying hamburger buns — or what New Jerseyans like to call “free lunch.” There were no people injured, but the accident did shut down all but one southbound lane, creating a backup that stretched several exits as crews wandered around sweeping up scattered sandwich bits. NBC New York says they got it cleaned up by now, but an enterprising soul could probably still assemble a hoagie if they spent enough time in the median.


Truck With Meat Crashes Into Truck With Bread