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World’s Worst Customer Injures Himself and 4 Others After Accidentally Firing His Gun at a Restaurant

Exciting night.
Exciting night.

Turns out there are things that can make the wait for a restaurant table even worse that you might imagine: Police say a man “in his twenties” was waiting somewhere in the outdoor vestibule of Sobelman’s in Milwaukee — a.k.a. the place where you can get a Bloody Mary garnished with an entire fried chicken — when his firearm discharged, injuring four other people by pelting them with debris. The other patrons are all reportedly okay, but the busy restaurant went on lockdown for a few hours while authorities tried to make sense of things. “Some idiot felt the need to bring a gun into my restaurant to eat chicken wings and then shot himself,” owner Dave Sobelman bluntly told local reporters. Sobelman also noted, correctly, that it takes a special kind of “stupid to shoot yourself with your own gun” while waiting for a table.

The customer in question is still out there, too. His friends reportedly helped him into a car so he could flee the scene right after the weapon went off. Police say they’re checking area hospitals in hopes of finding the guy.

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Man Accidentally Shoots Himself at Restaurant