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World’s Angriest Customer Shoots Taco Bell for Forgetting His Sour Cream

Good thing it was only a condiment.

Some idiot reportedly shot up a Taco Bell drive-through this weekend because workers forgot the sour cream in his order. Police in Milwaukee say that after coming back from his late-night run for the border, the unidentified man discovered he had no sour cream. He grew upset — which is fair enough, whatever it takes to get that Gordita down — and called to complain about the error, but the manager told him that unfortunately they were closed. He’d have to come back the next day, and they’d give him a free meal.

But it seems this Veruca Salt of topping eaters wanted his condiment n-n-n-now: “Nearly immediately,” says the store’s manager, the man returned with a gun and opened fire on the drive-through window. Luckily, no one was hurt because the bulletproof glass just deflected the shot. He also blasted an employee’s car in the parking lot before driving away.

Authorities say he’s still at large, as is another trigger-happy customer who shot himself and four others just last week at a restaurant across town.

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Customer Shoots Taco Bell That Forgot Sour Cream