Crystal Pepsi Actually Coming Back This Summer


Pepsi took its sweet time, dropping hints and making people enter contests, hinting that it would bring back Crystal Pepsi, the translucent soda that debuted in 1992 and was discontinued shortly after. But now Crystal Pepsi’s unusually passionate fans will finally get what they clamored for. The company will reintroduce Crystal Pepsi for an eight-week run, starting on July 7 in Canada and August 8 in the United States

Because Pepsi will leave no part of your childhood untouched, the company will also release a spinoff of the classic video game Oregon Trail called — you guessed it — the Crystal Pepsi Trail, which will be very authentically ’90s with bad graphics and Furby references. (Will Right Said Fred be available to do the music? One hopes.) Hopefully all of this retro love will also give people a reason to rewatch one of SNL’s all-time great commercial parodies:

Crystal Pepsi Will Actually Hit Stores This Summer