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Carl’s Jr. Is Testing Budweiser Burgers

This could look better.

Carl’s Jr. has unveiled a burger in time for the Fourth that literally oozes so much America. The chain has partnered with the so-called king of watery beers to make something called the “Budweiser Brew House Bacon Cheeseburger.” The sandwich, maybe the first to ever have Bud’s name directly attached, has quietly rolled out in Southern California, where Wreckless Eating food blogger Matt Zion stumbled upon it in the wild. Really, it sounds like a standard-issue bacon cheeseburger with two thick layers of a substance marketed as “Budweiser Beer Cheese.”

Zion gamely gave it a try, and — alas — the Budweiser Brew House is perhaps not quite ready for prime time: “There’s no beer taste or beer flavor in the cheese or anything like that,” he reports. “It just tastes like a lot more cheese than usual.”

No word yet on plans for a national rollout, but if they aren’t going to unleash a burger with Bud, bacon, and beer cheese on the Fourth of July, they’ve really missed an opportunity to be as patriotic as possible.

[Wreckless Eating via BurgerBusiness]

Carl’s Jr. Is Testing Budweiser Burgers