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Burger King Unleashes ‘Mac N’ Cheetos’

Mac N’ Cheetos are precisely what they sound like, the chain’s first hybrid snack made from macaroni and cheese and the Frito-Lay chip brand de jour now sprouting up on America’s fast-food menus. Brand Eating says they’re “deep-fried cheesy goodness,” but an equally suitable description might be CHINO (“Cheetos in name only”) because, while Puff-like in shape, they’re otherwise just sticks of pasta and cheese goo that get deep-fried like the star Frankenfood at somebody’s state fair. The outside does receive a dusting of Cheetos powder, though.

The first reviews are already trickling in, and the hybrid snack looks to be getting a score of solidly meh:

BK says the item will be sold in several test markets for about eight weeks. Also, this new Frito-Lay partnership really excites the chain, which warns Bloomberg that “there’s room for us to do more together in the future.”

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Burger King Unleashes ‘Mac N’ Cheetos’