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Woman Calls 911 to Report That Her Pizza Is Short on Cheese

Not here to serve and protect your pizza.
Not here to serve and protect your pizza. Photo: The Pizza Review/CC/Flickr

Another lackluster pizza delivery, another attempt to report it to police. This time, a Canadian took up a Royal Newfoundland Constabulary dispatcher’s time on Friday to report this very life-threatening pizza-topping emergency: “The individual had an issue with the company she bought the pizza from, and there wasn’t enough cheese, and had approached the company and didn’t like whatever response they had given,” an officer explained, adding, “I’m not sure if by calling us they assumed there was some sort of action we could take, or what the situation was, but of course we advised the individual they just needed to speak with the manager of the company and not the police.”

The dispatcher described the call as “that one call that will always stick with you as completely bizarre.” It seems the constabulary went public with the incident because they’ve about had it with bozos calling in underwhelming “emergencies.” They used it as an opportunity to remind everyone to please not call 911 when a mix-up occurs with their food delivery, a vending machine takes their quarter, or a coffee shop refuses to offer free refills. “When people have a problem and they’re just completely stumped at who to call, they’ll call us,” the Newfoundland officer lamented. “In some cases, it’s just a completely inappropriate thing to ask police, like in this instance.”

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Lady Calls 911 About Missing Cheese on Pizza