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Man Who Sprayed Rodenticide in Whole Foods Believed People Were Trying to Poison Him

Bessemer entering the Whole Foods.
Bessemer entering the Whole Foods.

Michigan’s serial-poisoner saga just keeps getting more horrible: The man arrested earlier this week for pouring mouse killer onto unpackaged food at more than a dozen grocery stores told a judge Thursday he has a history of mental illness and believes people were actively trying to poison him.

The FBI, local police, and several state agencies began a coordinated hunt for the suspect — now identified as 29-year-old Kyle Bessemer — after security footage clearly showed him waltzing into a Whole Foods in Ann Arbor and emptying a mysterious liquid over the store’s food bars. They caught him basically right away, and a statement read Thursday at his arraignment revealed Bessemer may suffer from delusions. Officials say he also sprinkled his mix of Tomcat mouse poison and hand sanitizer on lettuce, avocados, and other produce, but luckily no customers have gotten sick so far.

Bessemer is being charged with four felony counts of poisoning food, and causing property damage. He could face up to 20 years in prison.


Whole Foods Poisoner May Have Mental Illness