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Taco Bell Warns Fried-Chicken Taco Shells Are Going National

Photo: Cheez4444/Imgur

Maybe it was funny when it was just a tiny test out in Bakersfield, California, but now anyone afraid of a world overflowing with Naked Crispy Chicken Tacos (now re-dubbed Naked Chicken Chalupas) is living on borrowed time. The KFC Double Down copycat and the umpteenth thing Taco Bell’s folded in half to make a “taco” debuted last September, and the chain is pretty pleased with the feedback it’s gotten so far. There’s no set date yet for a full launch, but executives say they’re “just planning [on] the right timing” to unleash this creation on the unsuspecting public.View post on

BuzzFeed suggests one thing that could not thrill Taco Bell more is that the chopped lettuce and tomatoes “somehow manage to give the meaty, deep-fried chalupa a ‘health halo’ in the eyes of consumers.” (To quote one executive: “That really surprised us because it’s fried chicken.”) The only problem is that people don’t take the mash-up “seriously,” which is something Taco Bell “wanted to make sure” customers did. That’s some task, though — it apparently took two years to sell Taco Bell executives on the idea, and these are the same people who green-lit Cap’n Crunch doughnuts and stores with alcohol and bouncers. The chain’s solution to this problem is just giving people time to grasp the food’s magnitude: “Think of all the crazy firsts that have existed in time and civilization,” chief marketing officer Marisa Thalberg told BuzzFeed. “Dare we say even the creation of the wheel probably seemed a little odd at first until someone said, ‘Ah, that’s really a good thing!’”

To disabuse anyone of the notion that this fried-chicken shell is as groundbreaking an innovation as the wheel, here’s how it’s made:


Taco Bell’s Chicken Shells Are Going National