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Girl Finds Razor Blade in Her Soda at Wendy’s

Whoops? Photo: Aubrey Simonds/Facebook

Presumably, this isn’t what Wendy’s means by its new tagline “Deliciously different”: A location in the New Hampshire city of Keene says it served a little girl a soda that had a razor blade in it. Aubrey Simonds freaked out after spying it at the bottom of her daughter’s drink, which, lucky for everybody involved in this situation, was a totally clear soda.

Keene’s health department has been sorting the nightmare out with the store, and authorities say it appears the blade belonged to a cleaning worker who used it to scrape junk off the stove hoods in the kitchen, then didn’t properly dispose of it. An employee found it the next day in the trash and moved it into a paper cup until it could be thrown away safely. That apparently didn’t happen fast enough, and the employee filling Simonds’s order accidentally grabbed the cup by mistake, put soda in it, and somehow never noticed the really conspicuous shiny metal object hanging out at the bottom. Simonds says her daughter took a few sips but is just fine.

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Girl Finds Razor Blade in Her Soda at Wendy’s