The City Lost Another Papaya Stand This Weekend

No more.
No more. Photo: OLIVER MORRIS/Getty Images

The Papaya family of cheap hot dogs and tropical drinks keeps shrinking in Manhattan. This weekend, the Theater District Papaya Dog closed without warning, reportedly dismantled by employees overnight, and was sent to hot-dog heaven. With its shuttering, there are now just three locations of the endangered chain left, and that number could be even smaller soon. The West Village location has been doomed since 2013, when a developer bought the building with plans to revamp the block. Another Papaya Dog in Washington Heights closed back in 2009, and other members of the extended family have shuttered as well, including the famous West Village location of Gray’s Papaya. There is some news that takes the edge off the loss, though: Papaya King, the forerunner of Gray’s and Dog, finally opened its Downtown Brooklyn location last week.

[Vanishing NY]

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