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NYC Can Start Fining Restaurants for Salt-Label Violations


Now an update from the nanny state. While the National Restaurant Association (a.k.a. the other NRA) continues to fight New York’s salt warnings in an appeals court, a judge gave the city the go-ahead to start issuing fines. The city’s Board of Health, you might remember, passed a rule last September requiring chains to add salt-shaker icons next to items with a day’s worth of sodium (that’d be 2,300 milligrams, or roughly a teaspoon), which the NRA immediately took umbrage to. Some restaurants have already added the symbol to their menus, despite the up-in-the-air status of the regulation, but now the city can enforce the rule after the appeals court lifted a temporary hold. The city will do so starting on June 6, and fines for any restaurants committing culinary disobedience can run up to $600. The NRA is, of course, not thrilled that restaurants have to comply before the court makes a decision and, in a statement, calls the rule “unlawful and unprecedented.”

[Fox5 NY]

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