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McDonald’s Figured Out the One Way to Make Its Burgers Grosser

Never thought we'd miss black buns ...
Never thought we’d miss black buns … Photo: McDonald’s China

Anybody who’s walked in (or near) a McDonald’s lately has seen the all-out Angry Birds onslaught, but this is apparently nothing compared to the enthusiasm going on in China, where one of the many new movie tie-ins is this questionably colored Naughty Green Pork Burger. Locations are getting total angry-avian makeovers, and there’s also an Angry Red Burger, but its pastel-y scarlet bun just doesn’t shock the senses like the Bad Piggy sandwich’s can.Here’s how it comes out in real life:

The picture is courtesy of Chinese magazine That’s. It conducted a taste test and reports the sandwich “wasn’t half bad,” explaining that the pork patty is topped with an egg, shredded lettuce, and a “mysterious sauce with a hint of jalapenos.” As for the bun, the real-life version looks like it was made using parts of Kermit, some Soylent Green, or maybe just matcha powder — any of which could be tastier than the artificial food coloring it probably uses in reality. Still, gotta give the chain points for having guts: Other burger-makers would be sweating a bun that immediately calls to mind mold, but this is a McDonald’s burger, so stores can rely on customers knowing that’s a literal impossibility.


McDonald’s Found a Way to Make Burgers Grosser