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San Francisco Inexplicably Loves McDonald’s New Garlic Fries

Certainly could've done worse.
Certainly could’ve done worse.

When announcing the fries last week, McDonald’s said, “It was only natural that we’d want to create an offering that showcases this local flavor” — because if there’s anything people associate with McDonald’s, it’s showcasing a local flavor.

Still, Mickey D’s version can’t be bad — the chain adds a mound of chopped garlic, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and parsley to its fries, and hand-tosses them in a special stainless-steel bowl. The company is promising to roll the fries out at all 250 San Francisco locations if the test proves popular enough. Which seems like it will: The big question, anyway, is how McDonald’s ran out of supplies for an item being tested at just four Bay Area locations. A rep says that they’re “working diligently” to resupply, but that it could take several weeks to get garlic that meets the “high-quality standards.”


San Francisco Loves McDonald’s Garlic Fries