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Exemplary McDonald’s Employees Filmed Brawling Over Who Has to Cook the Apple Pies

A couple of workers at a McDonald’s in South Carolina got into a fight this week over whose job it would be to cook the Baked Apple Pies that day. Video of the incident — because it is the year 2016 and someone always has their camera phone ready to go — shows both women pulling each other by the hair and shouting while customers watch. The lead-up to the brawl is a little foggy, but it sounds like one employee was simply not happy about being placed on pie duty. This is speculation, but it seems like this was maybe about more than just pie? Then again, maybe it wasn’t: Eventually, the employee who got attacked told police the two employees were just “arguing over pies.” Either way, at the end of what seems like a very long workweek, perhaps we can all relate.


McDonald’s Workers Brawl Over Apple Pies