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Of Course Japan Gets Captain America–Themed Ramen

Just like the movie.
Just like the movie. Photo: @IPPUDO_JP

Captain America: Civil War is the second-highest-grossing film of 2016 so far, but when Marvel Studios looks back on this year it won’t be celebrating the film’s box-office success as its greatest achievement of the year. As part of an ongoing collaboration with Marvel, Ippudo — which hosted an Avengers-themed pop-up here in New York — debuted Civil War–themed noodles, the latest in unnecessary ramen advancements, at its Minami Aoyama branch in Tokyo. It comes as part of a $42 meal, which includes several dishes like Captain America–themed panna cotta as well as two types of themed ramen served in bowls representing, respectively, the movie’s feuding Captain America and Iron Man factions. Bucking the trend of just serving a regular dish in themed tableware, Ippudo went the extra mile of actually tailoring the ramen to each faction, making black pepper noodles for Paul Rudd’s Ant Man and putting in, uh, a fried egg for Iron Man. Finally, Japanese comics fans will be able to live out their dream of eating their favorite superheroes.


Ippudo Serving Captain America Ramen