Horrible Things

Food-Truck Owner Claims Devil Made Him Barbecue the Family Dog

The trailer in its pre-poodle days.
The trailer in its pre-poodle days. Photo: RajingCajunBBQ/Twitter

Arizona police say they had to arrest a man who runs a barbecue food truck after he cooked the family dog in his smoker and blamed it on Satan. According to the police report, Raging Cajun Smoking BBQ owner Pat Thompson got upset after seeing his daughter with a T-shirt he believed “had to do with the devil.” His answer was to burn the offending piece of apparel in Raging Cajun’s giant smoker trailer, but he added that the Bible required a male sacrifice in situations like these as well — the options were Thompson, his 6-year-old son, or their poodle. Authorities say Thompson settled on the 15-pound dog as atonement and, despite the family’s horrified pleas, added it to the lit smoker. He then went into the front yard and prayed until police arrived.

Thompson reportedly ranted to his family that the devil made him do it, but authorities are more interested, not shockingly, in the marijuana he said gave him an “episode” earlier that day (pot may trigger psychosis in people predisposed to mental illness). Raging Cajun has offered up the fact that Thompson was “over-stressed from the business” as apparently another alternate explanation. He’s currently in jail on charges that include animal cruelty and threats against his family, but his daughter said in a Facebook post (which has since come down) that the devil shouldn’t declare this a victory just yet, because they plan to stay open and keep on barbecuing.


Devil Made Food-Truck Owner Cook Family Dog