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A New McDonald’s Will Offer All-You-Can-Eat Fries

Time for a refill.
Time for a refill. Photo: Christopher Jue/Getty Images

Now that it’s dispatched its healthiest menu item, McDonald’s can refocus on devising ways of getting more grease into customers’ bodies. (This “The Simpler the Better” thing is starting to look like a real farce.) The first of these appears to be offering customers unlimited fries at a new location near the very aptly named Mound City, Missouri. This new store, scheduled to open in July, is being billed as the “McDonald’s of the future,” though it’s unclear if that’s only the franchisee’s opinion or if McCorporate agrees. Either way, the reimagining promises customers several new things. Interactive lightboard tables and tabletop video games, for starters — which confusingly sound very 20 years ago. There will also be “a comfortable and inviting atmosphere” with earth tones and armchairs, owner Chris Habiger says. Build-your-own-burger kiosks weren’t a resounding success upon initial rollout, but they’ll be making their reappearance as well, although Habiger maintains his McDonald’s of the future has plenty of jobs for humans, too.Clearly, passing out fries like free chips and salsa will be the chief selling point. The location will also offer table service — so expect teenage customers to put two and two together real fast:

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New McDonald’s Offers All-You-Can-Eat Fries