The Future

Man Claims He Literally Traveled Through Time to Steal Meat From Arby’s

The Arby's in question.
The Arby’s in question. Photo: Google

The future is so grim that people are willing to bend time just to get some Arby’s. Dante Anderson, an Oklahoma City man who claims to be a time traveler, ran into an intersection, kicked some cars, and then busted into a local Arby’s, pushing a manager out of the way and stealing some chicken and beef — not even roast beef. Anderson, who also tried to get food from a Carl’s Jr., told police that he walked here from the distant future of 2020 not to save humanity from Skynet, but because this will be how people go foraging once the apocalypse happens. Police, unsurprisingly, doubt his story, but what if he’s being honest — and why didn’t he go to a city with a Shake Shack?


Man Claims He Time-Traveled for Arby’s