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Subway Says Half-Naked Sandwich Artist Doesn’t Actually Work for Them

No shirts, no shoes, just foot-longs.
No shirts, no shoes, just foot-longs. Photo: Universal Studios

Innocent customers who dropped by a local Subway in Festus, Missouri, for their meatball marinara pick-me-up over the weekend were shocked to find a shirtless man behind the counter. The rogue sandwich artist was reportedly not only making foot-longs, but also rocking out and dancing — just generally having a better time at Subway than anyone else is able to. Customers were, for some reason, worried about the half-naked man’s behavior and health-code violations, though he escaped before someone could ruin his chill and report him to the police. Instead of celebrating him, Subway has disavowed the renegade sandwich artist, claiming in a statement that the man does not work for the chain and wasn’t even supposed to be behind the counter.


Half-naked Sandwich Artist at Subway